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he's here begging me to take him back

when i was 14 i was dating a guy who was 3 grades ahead of me he broke up with his girlfriend for me, he graduated a year after we started dating.then i became really close with a guy in 10th grade while i was in 9th grade we were more like best friends but i never knew his thoughts were different from mine i only got to know about his feelings when i started dating a new guy in their grade and so he started spreading rumors round the school that he was dating my cousin and that he can get me laid if he wanted just to get me jealous and pissed but it failed. he apologized to me on my birthday and just 5 months later i got caught between 3 of his close friends who asked me out behind his back but i didn't accept either of them because i was still dating the new guy although he left our school. when my so thought best friend herd about what his friends did they all stopped talking to each other and were all trying to dis each other so i would choose them.i messed around with their senses a bit so they could realize that friendship is more important than relationships but they were too stupid to let it go.a year later i broke up with my boyfriend cause he was acting up and all, he just abandoned me messing around with college chicks and stuff i would call him often but it didn't work out so i just used reverse psychology on him now a year later he's here begging me to take him back for the past 3 months but i'm just not ready.and right now my biggest issue is that i'm stuck with 2 cousins who are living in the same house, one was my boyfriend while the other is my current best friend but he's afraid of asking me out because i was dating his cousin but actions speak louder than words.


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