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boys are heartbreakers

I was never a reall boy fan atall. Infact i hated them.. only because of one reason.They were heart breakers.My friends were all finding people and falling in love themselves and i was just kind of there,. But i just said to myself i have to try. So i was at a summer club with both of my friends. I started talking to everyone beacause im quite out going and i say a boy that made my heart beat so fast i thought i was going to have heart failure!! i thought to myself..."no i cant let this happen, Its happend to many times and im always getting hurt" But i really liked him and little did I know he like me aswell as i found out from his friend who i started talking to one day. we all got really close and my bestfriend fell for his bestfriend and we all ended up going out!:L It was so fun and i loved it, but the worst thing wasnt going to last forever and beacause that was always stuck in my head i always gotta sicky feeling when i thought of it. We went on for 6months and my bff and his friend had broke up before that. We didnt see eachother for a while and it was hurting me so much, he wasnt making much of an effort either. So if finally came to an end. And both of us agreed to let it got and that we would still be friends. We are ended a while now , and since that ive been tryin to trust people but i just cant bare the thought of being hurt again... But theres got to be someone out there. :)


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