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Happy i got my love

It was 2008 when i saw a girl in front of my eyes.Her name is Afsana.I had to say that i was fall in love when i saw her..& i was fall into the manholl while i was looking at her.Fortunetly she saw me & rescue me from the manholl.But she dindnt talk with me.But i was still lookin at her pretty eyes.After that i came home & told everything to my mother who love me very much.Than she lough at me & i was little bit shy...After 1 month,one day my mother told me that she had to go to attened a party of one of her freinds home.& she told me that i had to go with her.Than i went there & i was really surprised that it was afsanas sisters marrige & she is daughter of my mothers freind.Luckily we was their 1 week befor the party.After 2 days i told her that we meet with each other.Than she remember me & it was really a funny moment.Than i told her that i love her.Than she told me that "R U MAD"??Than i said ya i m.& regularly i told her that i love u in every moment when she is in front of me.One day she told me that she needs a partner to go with her because i can drive the car.Tough i have my personal car which my father gifted me on my birthday.Oh we was going to the nearby railway station 4 her freinds.But unfortunetly the train was late for 4 hour & then we went 2 visit the place..& i was continiously telling her that i love her.But she didnt belive me.& she take me with her on a place which she like most.It was a hill!!She told me that her father take her on the top of the hill while she was young.& he also told her that on her life the 2nd person will be her husband who will take her on the top of the hill.Than at once i take her into my 2 hands & starting walking on the way of the hill. After 1 hour we came back 2 a feild which was filled with grass.Than afsana asked me why i take her on the hill. & she also told me that she will never talk with me...& requested me 2 leave her alone...Than suddenly rain came & she running into my car.& i was standing into the rain & i was crying silently.After few munits she came 2 me with a & told me that we had 2 go.Than i look at her & told her that i will never disturb her again.I will forgot all the moments with her & i also told her that i love her than anyother & always ..I also told her 2 forgive me.I was still crying when i told her all the words.& after that i avoided her 3 days & at the last day when we was coming back to our home,than i told her Goodbye.& than i saw that she was crying & she also told me that she loves me....& now i m really very happy that i got my love.


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