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Everything is wrong

i am 15 and the boy i was dating was 17, ray. me and him had the best relationship, in my opinion. we met because my best friends boyfriend came down, and brought his best friend, ray. the first time me had ever met in person i looked at him and thought "this boy is gonna be something special to me". that day, we had kissed. we had started texting and hanging out every other day. we had a good friend ship, than he asked me about about two weeks prior to the day we had met. we had a little fun before we started dating, we had sex. and i thought i trusted him to not hurt me. well he proved to me that he really liked me. he had also made me think he really loved me. i fell for it of course. a month passed and we were perfectly fine, we only got into an argument once. than we got into a big arguement because a guy was hitting on me and i flirted a little, but that was the only guy i had flirted with. and than it went all down hill from there. he kept assuming i was cheating and he was being so mean to me. he proved to me he didn't care...but than days later i was in his town and he came to see me so we could talk things out we did a little. he doesn't want to be with me but he wants to be good friends and hang out all the time. our two months would have been in four days. he just doesn't know how i feel about him. he said he really cared about me..if he didn't care about me we would have never had sex. still can't believe he doesn't wanna be with me after he said he wanted to be with me forever. once i thought nothing could go wrong, everything went wrong


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