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We live right next door

soooooo me and my love .our love is like love and basketballs love we live right next door to each other he is a player he neva love girls he always goes out with them for the fun of it ima a player i go out wit boys cause i like attention so anyway me and jj been off and on for at least 3 years we finally started dating again for at least a month and a half and then one day this girl named me me her real name is melanie she txted me and said im jj's girl friend do u go out with him i said lol and den she said well do u i said yes and she said well im his girlfriend so u can kick rccks i said oooooo and then she said yeah and den she sent me another txt saying jj said u ugly and that he said he didnt go out with me i said oooo again cause who takes a boy's phone wich isnt yo boyfriend and txt his girlfriend so i didnt say nothing cause i thought she was straight ignorant anyway so i went off on jj for letting her take the phone and i broke up with him i will always love jj and he will always love me like when we are together he always bring up old memrios like when we hug or cuddle and stuff like that i know he loves me and now he goes with me me i remeber the day we started going out 3/5/11 thats the day i smiled the longest jj is my and my everything everytime i date someone else i compare them to him and when he goes with someone he doesnt pay them as much attention as he does to me only time he oays them attention is when like im around he said ooooo me me is this me is that eww but yah he is my all and im his he told me when we broke up he deleted his heart i thought i did but everytime is see him they all rush back!!!!!!



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