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Every tiny part of my skin has been kissed by him

we met at the park in a birthday party, he came to me and told me that i was very very pretty,he asked me if i had a bf so i said no,he's 20 and i'm 15,we started going out on feb 27 and broke up yesterday march 20, he told me that he loved me a lot and asked me to never leave him,since the beginning i told him the i won't have sex until my marriage and he was ok with that he even planned to marry me,i let him touch everything except for my front bottom part and he didn't like that, he told me that even though i'm pretty i won't have a stable relationship with guys cuz of the reason that i don't let them get the pleasure they r looking for, i told him that i don't care, i know what i whant and what i'm looking for, i won't change for no body therefore i will stay the same, we broke up cuz he works from 8:00am to 4:25pm and goes to college from 6:30pm to 9:00 pm he stidies to be a lawyer, he has no time fore me and during weekends he always has some problems, i wonder if he was looking for sex even though he never asked to have sex with me or we broke up because i couldn't keep being with a person who has no time for me? i love him and i miss him so much. how should i stop thinking about him if every tiny part of my skin has been kissed by him?


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