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Loving someone is different than being IN love with someone

I hated the relationship i was in. his name was dean. he compared me to all these gurls that were way prettier than me n it made me jealous. so i broke up with him. but apparently his best frend was n love with me. i have liked him since the beginnin of the school year but i didnt no he liked me. so wen he asked me out, of course i said yes. i was in love wit him. his name wuz matthew but i called him matt. i fell 4 him hard. but then after like 4 weeks, we got into our first fight how he thot i didnt trust him. so he broke up with me. i cryed myself to sleep evry nite. mi parents told me to get over it. i still didnt. after 3 days he beggin me to come bak cuz hes really sorry 4 the way he hurt me nd he would never do it again. so i took him bak. i was happy but i wuz stil scared he would do it again. but then h compared me to one of my frends sayn that thay r the hottest person that ever walkd the earth. it hurt me so bad. so i broke up with him. after a week 2 of mi close frends named brady and cody asked me out. i finally choose brady.even tho i love brady, im still in love with matt. there's a diffrence between being in love wit sum1 nd loving someone. u love your parents but ur not in love with them. brady compares me 2 no 1 and he makes me feel secure, but i miss m,att but nobody knows that except matt. he loves me 2 but im still scared he'll compare me 2 sum 1 else. but im not goin to break up wit brady 4 matt. i wouldn't hurt him like that.


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