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My better half

First, I'm Imee. I just graduated High School. Back then, I had a boyfriend, Brianne, I've been with him three years since I started High School. He made me feel complete and no one can hurt me as log as he's here. He even made promise that h will never leave me.But then, when he got off to college, he started to forget about me and I broke up with him. This happened at the last year of me in High School, I've wiped many tears that fell on my cheeks, and there's my best friend Marc who was there for me at that time. It was August and I thought that I started to fell in love with Chester, he was also my best friend. I really thought that I love Chester, then Marc volunteered to help me out with Chester because they were classmates. Marc gave me advices on how to get in touch with Chester. And probably, Marc knows what are the things I was doing just for Chester. But, I'm probably wrong I didn't love Chester, I was really wrong. And Marc helped me understand all the things about love. He even helped me when my heart is broken but I never notice that he loves me. With just a simple joke from me, "Marc, let me love you, okay. Just joking". He replied, "Okay fine, but first let me love you." I looked straight into his eyes and felt he was serious. Then the last days of the school year came, Marc and I always hang out and tell stories about ourselves. Graduation is near and finally Marc and I were together. "I finally found my better half who'll stay me with me forever", I shouted. Graduation came and I thought of us not to be strong but LOVE proves that we can do it, we can conquer many things if we're together. I love My BETTER HALF.. :)


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