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What did i do?

I have never been so disappointed
In my life but why?

I did love her I'm sure
She did love me too
But wat did i do?

Before we dated we were
Best of friends until we
Reach a stage when we were
Emotionally involve then we decided
To date

We only dated for few weeks
And I went away far away
Without even telling her
I thot it was for 3months
Then I wil be back home
But 3monts turned to 3years
To make matters worse they
Was no communication and
It was all my fault
You knw why I said tht?
I did have her
Number but she ddnt have myn

So they was no source of
Communication btwn me
And her.

Three years later I came back
I was so excited thnkn tht i
Will see her again but gues wat?
She was happily marid and still she is.
I was so hurt but what did I expect?
For her to wait for me?why am I being

She deserve the best and I'm quite sure
I'm not the best.The guy shez with nw
Makes her happy and I'm not gona
Stand on their way.

I blame my self noone else but my self

But the truth is I did love her with all
My heart.shz th first girl I did love tht
I admit im not gna lie about it god is my

I loved her and will always love her
Hope she will take
Good care of her self.
but life goes on
Good B. Y. E

Based on a True life story

By tawanda samuel rusike


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