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afraid of getting hurt perennially...

she is my best friend...a girl with a golden heart...from day 1 in college we were very close..i liked her, but it wasnt anything special..i got engaged with a claasmate who eventually dumped me. i was crestfallen. my friend gave me moral support and the mental strength i needed so badly.if it wasnt for her, i would remain a ruined guy..and before i knew it, i was madly in love with was such a great feeling. i still remember the day i came 2 realize my own feelings...we were hanging around in the college campus. she was in a pink dress...when it was time to go home, we said goodbye to each other and i left her. i boarded a bus, sat down and like a flash of lighting, said 2 myself, D*MN! I LOVE HER!! it had occurred jst like that...i dnt knw y i could never speak up abt it 2 her...i knew she loved me, bt only as a frnd..i couldnt risk losing that..i couldnt master d courage to gve words to my feelings..every day, ever hour, every moment i was thinking of her..i would wake up at morning anticipating her call or even an SMS..a word of affection from her would make my heart leap with if she meant everything to me...things were going on well until this morning...yes folks, i am writing dis story on the very day i got d shock of my life...she had called in d say that she was engaged with a guy...she wanted 2 share d good newz wid me..well, agony of being d bst frnd of ur beloved...i had 2 suppress my feelings, had 2 express great joy at hearing d newz...i dnt knw wht i am gonna do...i want 2 get away from her, from d reality...i jst cant bear this pain any more...i wanna forget i dnt thnk she will let me... i wish she knew...she doesnt...i dnt knw wht future has in store for its looking bleak..i am afraid...afraid of getting hurt perennially....... god help me ...........


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