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the cherry blossoms

Slipping slowly into my arms
We both held eachother
In a warm and tender embrace
You couldn't tell how tightly I held you
Because of how tightly you held me

Sitting together in silent contentness
And warm smiles of ensurance
A grip of my right hand
And a kiss to your left cheek
Cherry blossoms bloomed on the tree above us

Time passed and day after day
We saw eachother and smiled
Your laughter so much looser than mine
My fearfulness of mistakes in the past
Stifling my own laugh

And that stifled laughter
Slowly morphed into hideous fears
Of time slowly pulling us apart
The horrible nightmare that time itself made real
Jerked us into it's realm

I felt your embrace loosen with each passing day
And I tried to tighten my embrace on you
For your arms were not fully wrapped around me
But you were tightly clutching the back of my shirt
And I knew as to why the embrace wasn't whole

Time was plotting and I couldn't keep up with it
Much less could you, for you were trying to let me go
And though I could see the facade you put on your face
I felt the grasp you had on my shirt
And it was then I knew I couldn't hold you tight forever

And when I let go
I saw the cherry blossom petals float down from the trees
But I could not feel them as they landed on my skin
Numbness was all I could feel, for myself and you
But I am trying my best to be able to feel again

As friends, know I will always love you
And I know there will always be another
But if I could have one wish
I would want to feel your arms around me
Just one more time


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