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I hope we are more than friends

We've known each other since 3rd grade, but I've had feeling for him since 4th. In 5th we were in different classes, except in Tech. now I'm in sixth, and in my county we are still in Elementary. At the beginning of the year we sat near each other, but my teacher must have realized that to be a HUGE mistake because we wouldn't stop talking to each other. Plus, we are on our school's safety patrol. We have "posts" near each other, so he walks me to mine. And around the fifth week of school, I got assigned to pick up a kindergarten class, and he decided to "help" me out, even though there are only three! There is only two weeks of school left, and we are going to different middle school next year, so I've pretty much given up hoping we could be more than friends. And when people tease us I tell him I like him like a brother, so I've ruined any chance. oh well...


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