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A great long distance relationship

About three years ago my current girlfriend asked me out and me being quite immature i broke up wih her after just a week, well anyway after about a month of her being quite pissed of at me (as you can imagine) we started talking again and became close friends. We continued talking all the time even after she moved back to sweden and i moved to the united states from spain. We would talk about literally anything even about her boyfriend because they would always get in fights. As you can imagine this pissed me off not only because she was one of the best friends i had but also because i had started to develpoe feelings for her. About 2 months ago she and her boyfriend got in a big fight and she was quite upset about it. Me being a good friend talked things through with her and did everything i could to cheer her up. After this we grew alot closer and talked even more, this carried on for about a month until she told me that she was in love with a guy. This broke my heart since i had started falling for her quite alot and i tried to figure out who he was. After about a week of nagging she finally broke and told me it was me, my heart skipped a beat and i immediatley asked her out. We have a (very) long distance relationship which is going amazingly well. In a few days we will have been together for a month and it seems like its only been a week. We are truly in love and to me she seems perfect.
Advice for other friends trying to be more: test him/her first jokingly tell them u love them and if it seems like they feel the same about you then just go for it because it will probably be one of the best relationships u have been in.


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