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Motorcycle dreamgirl

Some friends set us up with each other. We rode motorcycle around the city for a few hours. We ended up about 5 miles from town and it started raining real hard. The rain drops hurt as we cruised down the highway back towards town. She was able to duck behind me to avoid most of the rain, but we were both completely soaked. I liked it that she was holding on to me so tight and curled up against my back as tight as she could.

We got to her house and she went into the bathroom and got me a towl to sit on so I wouldn't get her couch wet. She gave me a pair of jeans to put on. She was quite a bit smaller than me and I had these jeans pulled up over my butt and I could hear company come in. I was in the back room thinking that these jeans were kind of a joke and that I didn't want to come out of the room with these tiny little jeans pulled up over my butt, the zipper wide open and I could hardly walk in them. I thought I'd better make the best of it and walked (hobbled) out in front of the company and said, " I didn't think I would get into her pants on the first night!" Everybody laughed and we just had another drink.

The company left shortly after and we were both cold from getting so wet. We went to her bedroom and got under the covers and warmed up in each others arms. We kissed a lot and thing were getting a little heated.

I suggested that she brush her long hair before it dried. It was quite tangled from the wind on the motorcycle. She was having quite a time brushing her hair and so I took the brush from her and proceded to brush her hair. I took my time because it just seemed sexy and I was enjoying being so close to her.

When I was done brushing her hair, I pulled her hair off of her neck and kissed the side of her neck. She closed her eyes and I wrapped my arms around her from behind and held her softly for a few minutes.

She gently broke my grasp, turned around and pushed me down onto the bed kissing me. We got under the covers and slept in each others arms til morning.

We spent the summer with each other. We got caught in the rain a couple of more times. I would pull over and dress her in my leather riding gear. She would protest that I should wear it because I was up front taking the beating from the cold and rain while she ducked behind me. I would just smile and tell her that she was going to warm me up when we reached our destination. She held up her end of the bargain every time.
She got up and got her brush


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