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Waiting for this moment

My story starts like another regular day at school, our teacher changed us seats, and I notice the guy that I like is just right next to me. Well, as time went by, he had to talk to me. He said: 'Hey, how are you doing in classes? just wondering, do you have water?' now I said, looking through those beautiful brown eyes, bright and sparkling, A little well, how about you? yeah, here. and he said, 'I am really smart so, am going fine too, I'm just going to take a sip.' Oh well, this happened every single day, then one day, I decided to not give him water, he got really mad and took my bottle of water, I told him I was going to get mad if he drinks my water, and he drank it. I was really mad, I didn't talk to him for one day, but during that day, he called me, and said that he was so sad oof what he did... and trying to get me back he also said.. if I tell you a joke, and make you laugh, will you accept to be friends again? I said no. He said, please at least listen to me, and would be the last time I see your beautiful smile again just for me. I was like <3 Then he grabbed my hand, and told me he was so depressed he took my water, and that I have to be friends with him again, I told him for what? , he said for the next step, What next step?, I said. He said, I was going to tell you this with a rose or a chocolate but, I really have to tell you that I have loved you since last year, you are soo beautiful, and I have heard rumors you like me, so will you like to be my girlfriend? please say yes. I hugged him, I almost cry, but I was strong and said yes, and told him I was also waiting for this moment 2 years ago, and now he has now finally made my dream come true, i love you.


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