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Ask not what I my love can do for me, but ask what can I do for my love?

I had recently broken up with a gal that I was in love with. I was heart broken and was talking with a female friend of mine. She had mentioned something to the effect that she didn't know what love was and didn't think it was real.

I told her that I knew that love was real. She asked me to tell her what love was then.

I said that love isn't physical attraction. Love is when I think of the other person when making a decision. I would think of how it would effect them. It's thinking of the other person and trusting that they are thinking about you when they make their decisions.

Love is not letting those little things that you used to think were cute, become the things that drive you crazy. When the things that drive you crazy make you smile, you start to love those crazy little things because they are what make up her.

Love is when you can share the thoughts and troubles you have, and trust they are going to be there for you when you are down and whinning about lifes little things. She is there to comfort you and I am there to comfort her. We want to relieve each others pain and anguish.

When you come home and are feeling down or angry, you give eachother a hug and you end up smiling because the touch of the other has just made you forget about the problem.

You lift each other up and are glad that you are with that person always.

When you do get mad at each other, you still try hard to make sure you don't hurt them emotionally. You are able to communicate freely without thinking that they will use your own words against you. You get mad, get to the solution and go on living without holding a grudge. You solve the problem and live with your decision.

You don't give the other person a reason to be jealous. If someone else comes along and tries to get romantic with you, you just aren't interested because you are thinking of how it would effect your true mate.

Love and maturity is when you start to think of others and put them first.

If you were to change the words of John F. Kennedy to the following, and both of you believed it, You wouldn't ask yourself "does she love me?" You would already know.

Ask not what I my love can do for me, but ask what can I do for my love?


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