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This time I'm going to beat her to the kiss... but only after I hear her laugh again

I was at the bar where they gave country dance lessons. I just showed up in case someone needed a partner. Me and a buddy were sitting there at a table and I noticed two beautiful women at the bar. They were both counting with the instructor as he counted out the footsteps and they were both bouncing and watching the dance lessons. I approched them and told them I would be happy to get them caught up with the rest of the class and the lesson. I could tell they wanted to and very little coaxing and I was dancing with a beautiful long legged gal. We were having fun. I motioned to my buddy to go over and get the other one out dancing. He did and we both tried to catch them up to the lesson.

After the break, I was talking with them and I suggested that we switch partners, so we did. The second gal was just as tall and beautiful as the first. I really noticed this gals laugh. It really got a hold of me somehow. After the dance lessons, we got a couple more dances in and left for the night.

A week later, I was walking through the bar and the two gals got my attention as I walked past. I ended up dancing and having a good time with them. The guys in the bar were hitting on them all night. I just played it cool and I even had both of them dancing with me at the same time. I wanted to ask one of them out, but I couldn't decide which one to ask. I had the gal with the great laugh slow dancing with me and I asked her "Do you give your number out to guys?" She replied with a no. After the dance I stopped her before leaving the dance floor and told her "I want you to give ME your number." She laughed and said " I think I will give you my number."

About a week later I gave her a call from my cell and got her answering machine and was about to leave her a message and BAM!!....I got hit by another car. Later that night I called her and she answered. She said that she had gotten a really long message and that it sounded like mumbling. I explained to her what had happened and how I ended up in the emergency room. She told me that if there was anything that she could do to give her a call.

A couple of days later I called her again. I told her that I thought of something she could do for me. She asked what that would be. I told her that she could go out and have a drink with me. She laughed and said she would like that. We set a date.

On the way home from work on the night I was to meet up with her, I heard on the radio "The third caller will win....." I was the third caller and got tickets to the comedy club. We met up at the club and we both laughed all night. We had a couple of drinks and it was time to go home. I thought that I would be cool and not really approach her for a good night kiss. I kind of figured that we would meet again and that would be a more appropriate time.

I walked her out to her car and when we got there I was saying goodnight. I got her to laugh one more time and she took me by the arm and kissed me. She really took me off guard! I kind of stammered and got out a good night. I smiled all the way home.

We are getting together again this weekend. This time I'm going to beat her to the kiss......but only after I hear her laugh first.


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