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Am I a loser?

Is it normal to still have major feelings for your ex 6 months later? He's just so, wonderful, beauitful, amazing. I can't help but want him so much when he gives you that look like your the only girl ever, but he also gives that look to every girl in the school. Why can't he just see that we were perfect together, I was the cheerleader he was the football player. I was the softball player, he was fan. Didn't all those movie dates mean anything? Didn't those times he kissed me goodnight mean anything to me? Why do I fall for such a player? Doesn't he know I am still madly in love with him, or does he know that I am, and so is all the other girls in the school. Am I just a hopeless loser in this case? Who am I.. where do I belong these days...?


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