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Shadows around my heart

I can feel the shadows closing around my heart. I can feel the end begin. As the cold returns to your eyes and the ice to your touch. Your about to break me again. When you do this, it not only breaks my heart but my spirit and soul as well. Taking a chance with you, I didn't realize that my heart would collapse. Constantly battling my own fear, my own temptation to run. But i stayed. I tried. And i believed you when you said you weren't goin anywhere. Dont say the words. Because i know after this, i will never be able to give my heart. I pray, God shows me a way to forgive you, for abandonin me. I need you. But as you sit there at the table, drink in hand, your suitcase at the door. You wont look at me. I feel my heart stop beatin as you stand up, kiss my forehead and begin to walk away. With every step you take, i feel myself being ripped apart. This isnt real. You can't be gone. no. im not really standing here, alone and cold. no. dont leave me like this..i cant handle this pain


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