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I've never ever experienced a feeling this strong for a person in my entire life and I'm in love with it...

Ok I'm currently dating this guy...which is funny becasue I never pictured myself dating him ever...We've been dating for three months now...Anyhow I never pictured myself Dating him because the first time I met him I thought he was a complete jerk but anyways I invited him to one of my parties and my friend liked him and I liked his friend so I decided I was gonna help my friend out and hook him up with I gave him my number so we could talk about my friend and he called me and I gave him courage to ask her out and stuff...Well ever since then he continued to call me and stuff and listen to my problems as well as I listened to his...he grew to be one of my best friends at that point...anyhow I finally gave him the courage to ask my friend to winterball so he called her up and did...then I found out she was gonna stand him I called him and told him and he goes ok well since shes a "brat" do you want to go with me...of course I said we went to Winterball together and our liking for eachother grew stronger...he called me every night and he came over like every other day during christmas break at that point we were like "friends with benefits" so he finally got the courage to ask me out...and right then in there no hesitation I was like yea we've been dating for 3 months now and already have had two break ups...everytime him breaking up with me...and everytime I keep going back out with him...I mean I seriously think I'm falling in love with this kid cuz everytime I'm with him...I get this really strong feeling and its a great feeling and its soo great you can just cry...and I love it I Love everything about him...and he seems to love everything about me too...and I've learned that if you love someone let them go...well I let him go and he comes back I figure he must love me too...but yea...I dunno really know what love is but I"ve never ever experienced a feeling this strong for a person in my entire life and I'm in love with it...


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