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Foot rubbing turns her into a little kitty cat

I used to get a little annoyed because my gal always wanted her feet rubbed. I work hard all day on construction and my arms and hands are kind of sore. I want to have my arms around her and not be working on her feet.

It was becoming quite a habit and so I had her sit on one side of the couch and told her that she woul dhave to rub my feet at the same time. It never worked out very well becasue she couldn't rub my feet very hard because of how dainty she is, and she would stop rubbing when distracted from the TV. I would keep rubbing her feet (sometimes for over an hour) and once in a while I would wiggle my feet to give her a signal to start rubbing again.

Well, sitting on the couch with each others feet in our hands may not seeem very romantic, but after a while it was old hat.

What I really enjoyed about rubbing her feet was every once in a while I would stop watching the TV and look at her. She would sence me looking at her almost immediately and look back at me and smile so sweet, it just melted me.

Every time after I rubbed her feet, she would come over to me and drap herself under my arm and curl up with me like I was her protector. She would kiss me so sweetly that I couldn't help just wanting to hold her all night. Pretty soon it was a habit that whenever she sat next to me she was just curled up like a little kitten in my lap.

I rubbed her feet one night and she curled up with me. We were both so content with each other. It was then that she wispered to me so sweetly....."Ilove you".


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