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On Valentines night, I drove the old Chevy to her house to pick her up for our date.

I love old cars and trucks. She really didn't understand why I would drag another "pile" home.

I tried to make her understand my passion for old cars and trucks, but she didn't seem to get it.

Last year about a week before Valentines day, I bought a 1940 Chevy car that had been in a shed for 15 years. It was all original and actually in pretty nice shape. I worked on it a bit to make it roadworthy and run smoothly. I shampooed the seats, cleaned it up really nice and deodorized it.

On Valentines night, I drove the old Chevy to her house to pick her up for our date. She was a little suprised that I had this old car to take her out in. I opened the door for her and she got in. It was really cold out that night, so I had the car all warmed up for her.

We tooled around town a bit (no radio) and talked. She really seemed to get another look at the town with a different perspective from within the old Chevy. The car was slower than the modern cars that were zipping around us, seemingly in a hurry.

I stopped at an old A&W Drive In (one a few left) and we ordered some burgers and some root beer to go. We drove out to the city park and parked next to the water falls. We were just so cozy as we sat next to each other. We ate our burgers and fries. We sat there and talked and she could get over how much fun and romantic it was to be in that old Chevy car when it was so cold out. I had blankets in the car in case the old heater didn't work well enough (it was about 10 degrees that night), but we didn't even need it. The car was so cozy.

I took her home and we necked a bit in the driveway. Her eyes were sparkling and she was smiling so nice. We kissed goodnight and she told me what a romantic evening it was for her.

We spent over 6 hours together in that old Chevy car and the night just went by so quick. We never even got out of the car It was an unforgetable evening.

The next week, she called me one night and told me about an old car for sale in her neighborhood that she thought was pretty cool.

I think she understands some of my passions now.


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