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She kept cancelling, he stopped waiting

She winked at me through an online dating site and sent me an email saying she liked my profile. I checked out her profile and it said "prepare to be spoiled". I emailed her back and asked her if she could send me a picture with that "I'm going to spoil you attitude". She replied with a picture and we started to banter each other through email. Her picture was pleasant looking and I was OK with it. I was going to ask to meet her on the next email, but she asked to meet me first.

We set up the meeting and she ended up canceling because her child had gotten the flu. She cancelled again because she got the flu. She said she would be in touch. I waited about a week and sent her another email....No response.

A week later, I sent another email and no response. I fugured that she had changed her mind about me and I just let it go.

About a month later she emailed me and asked if I were still around. I said yes and we emailed each other again. It seemed like such a long time since we had talked that we were starting over again. She mentioned that we should try to meet again and I agreed. She said she would call me on Sunday evening and we would get together. She didn't call. She emailed me again and said that her plans had to change because of a family situation with her daughter. She asked if we could reschedule for Wednesday after she got off work and I agreed.

She emailed me Wednesday morning and said that she had to entertain some business clients and she wouldn't be able to make it as early as we had agreed on. I suggested that we make it one hour later.

I got to the meeting place and waited. I saw a real pretty gal come in and walk past but I didn't see the gal I was going to meet. The pretty gal sat down in the entry and I decided that I should see if that might be her. I gave her my hand and introduced myself. It was her. Here eyes and smile were fantastic! She looked so much prettier in person than her picture, that I didn't recognize her.

We talked for a couple of hours and I could tell that we were both pleased to meet the other. We both had an exciting time meeting the other. After a couple of drinks, I walked her out to her car. She told me that she was really glad we had finally met and gave me a warm hug. She said that we should get together real soon and I said that I thought she was right.

After some more emails, we set up another meeting. She cancelled and set it up for another night and couldn't make that one either. I finally called her at work and told her to meet me for lunch and she agreed. We met up and had lunch. She exclaimed that she really thought I was something and suggested that we go out for a couple of drinks and some dancing "soon". I told her to give me a call when her schedule allowed and we let it go at that.

Three weeks later and I guess she is still busy.

I have another date tonight.


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