My fiance cheated what do I do?

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My fiance and I have been together for almost a year now and last week she told me that she kissed this guy she just met. The week before that she went to Arizona with a girlfriend to visit some friends that were being shipped to korea, they are girls also, but on their way back thay had to bring this guy with them and drop him off at his house in the town next to us in Ca. I was very uneasy about this because I was cheated on by a previous girlfriend, but I trusted her a week later I told her I had a bad dream and now I had the feeling that something happen in AZ. At that time she told me that she kissed him but thats it. At this point I totally broke down, I couldn't believe she did that. I should also add that I just moved into an apartment kinda with but not really because her parents wont let her yet, long story. But we also Had only one bank account together, a car together, a cell phone plan together and two kittens. All our bills are the same everything is together you get my point. The thing is she says she hasnt been that happy for the past month and she doesnt regret it, I told that she needs to talk to me when shes sad or anything but she just doesnt. Now she says she wants to make it work and that shes not still seeing him but I've found text messages that are alittle suspicious but she just says it her gay friend so i looked at our phone bill and the numbers match with the ones during the time I knew she was talking to him but she denies it. She goes out with a airlfriend that I just heard about recently which makes me think she's lying but to tell you the truth I dont konw what to believe anymore everytime I think she's lying she comes up with an excuse and it makes me the bad guy, I dont know what to do anymore I'm starting to go crazy I try not to think about the bad stuff but it wont leave. I wabt it to work with us so bad I love her so much and I know she loves me too, but I just cant handle my heartbreak. She tells me she really wants to be with me still and wants it to wark but she still hasn't said that she was sorry. If I lose her I lose her I lose everything she's in control. Please help.....

Our Suggestion:
It's a good sign that she is telling you the truth on some painful matters.

This shows you that she trusts you enough to give you bad news and hope that you will still be there for her. Stolen kisses happen and nothing we can do will stop that. It is unfortunate that they do, but in truth they can be a safety valve that clarifies an existing relationship.

Your heartbreak will heal since you love her and she loves you. So don't worry too much about what you are going through. Time will soon soften the memories of the pain.

Tell her you have forgiven her and mean it. Let bygones be bygones.

Sorry this happpened to you! George

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