i got her on tape but she dosen't know

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i have a girl that lives with me when i go to work she stays home so i wondere what she does all day so i dl a program call record pad so i starte to record her telephone calls and to my suprise i found out that she likes this other guy and that she has kiss him and that he call her while im at work now im acting like i dont know enithing what can i do to stop her from doing this
shoul i tell her that im thinking of breaking up with her becouse i like someone else and mayve she will stop doing her thin (excuse my inglish i live in the dominican republic)

Our Suggestion:
Ask her this question:

What if you discovered that she was talking to another guy while you were at work and that she had been kissing him. Ask her what you should do. This will make her realize that she should stop doing what she is doing. Maybe she will suggest that you talk to her about it... this will give you the opportunity to tell her what you want to.

Another idea is to simple tell her that you have recorded her and you know what is going on. Then see what develops.

Good luck! George

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