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Visitor's Question:
My ex of 10 years (engaged for 3) ended things very suddenly. After I moved out of house, I went over there 3 days later and low and behold there was a girl in my bed! Words can not even describe how I feel. I love him very much and I really want him back. But, what he doesn't know is that I cheated on him a few mo. prior. I feel horrible and very ashamed but, I would never tell him. We didn't talk for a month afet that and then we have had luch a few times. Things were great but, there was no talk about the relationship. I can forgive this man but, I am gonna make him work for it. How can I reel him in? Is there hope? The more distant I give him, the nicer he seems to me. HELP!!!!

Our Suggestion:
The best way to "reel him in" is to remain his friend.

Do what you have been doing... having lunch and not talking about your relationship. If he brings in up then let him know you still care for him.

I'm not an advocate for game playing so my advice is to treat him as a real person and be straight with him.

Good luck! George

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