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i have been away from my girlfriend for three weeks now and she cheated with someone we both worked with. we have been together for about 8 months and we were both in the army but i recently got done with my time in. i left and we had a plan for me to move down to where she will be in about 5 months. she says that she loves me and she hates that she did that to me that she would never do it again she just wants me to give her another chance and she dosent care how long it takes. she also said that she would talk to a conselor on an online advice line like this one. i still have hatered for her about this but i want to stop hating and move one but i cant trust that she wont do it again yet and i said to here that i would want to get even with her and she said that i could if i wanted to but she dident want me to but she would understand if i did to get even with her. what should i do? do most cheaters cheat again? can this relationship recover being only 8 months old or can she become a good girlfriend after this? should i go out for a while and get her back or would that be counter produtive? can we be happy again?

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My advice is to stay away from her.

She cheated on you and probably will do it again. This is supported by her agreeing that she would understand if you got even with her. If she really cared about you she wouldn't say that.

Find someone new you can trust.

Good luck! George

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