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my girlfriend and i have been together for seven years. she grew up quick in life and was married and had kids at seventeen. she since divorced and met me. she never got the chance to go out to the bars. so a few months ago i let her go by herself and i watched the kids. about two months ago she said she thought we needed time apart, but then came to her senses. then a month ago she said she had liked a guy she met at the bar. i understood that it happens and i love her. then i found out she would go out with him, but nothing sexual would happen. she said she was unsure what she wanted in life, if she wanted to be with me, or single. when i get upset she cares so i know she still loves me. i let her hangout with this other guy.(like i have a choice) at times she seems like she's coming back to me, but at other times she drifts away. she told me if anyone gave her an ultmadium she would drop them. she tells me i have nothing to worry about with the om, but why is she unsure about what she wants with me? i asked her if all her needs were being met by me and she tells me yes. i thought she was having a mid life crisis, but counsles tell me she's too young. (she's 31 im 29) any advice or help i would be greatfull for.


Our Suggestion:
Keep talking with her gently and lovingly.

Make sure she understands that you love her and the family and don't want anything to disrupt your lives. Tell her you want to have a chance to go out to bars too and that she will need to stay home with the children while you do it. This should make her understand how life is. If it is ok for her, it is ok for you.

Don't do this in a mean way, but in a loving way or she might not understand.

Good luck! George

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