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Hi, My boyfriend and I have been together for six years. We have been living good for 2 years without any problem until I got pregnant for him he started cheating on me which I saw very obvious because I have been seeing both of them together and he told me they were having a relationship after having the child he finally stopped what he was doing and began to settle down back. After a year of that he started cheating again with another person which he denied until she got pregnant for him and he denied it until the child was born he admitted it to me. I am presently working whenever I am gone to work I was told that she is at the home where both of us lives with the baby I ask him about it and he denied it. Whenever I am washing his clothes I can see semen on is underpant I talk to him about him and nothing change. I am presently pregnant for him he treats me as if I donot exist. I came home from work to find out he is having a relationship with someone else I talk to him about it he denies it. She called him the other night and both of them the phone talking about their relationship he thought that I was sleeping so I am not aware of what is happening. I havent said anything to him about it, I just do not talk to him so he believes that one of his friend is telling me things concerning him. Everything he needs to be done he calls on me, if he is in trouble he calls on me. We use to have sex often now we are having sex every 2 weeks I havent said anything to him about it. I just do not talk to him. Can you give me your advise on the matter?

Our Suggestion:
You have four choices: see a professional counselor; see a lawyer; put up with his shenanigans; or leave him.

My advice is to first see a counselor with him and see what you can agree to.

You have put up with cheating so much that he probably won't stop unless you threaten him with a lawyer.

You will have to think about these choices and decide what you want to do.

Good luck! George

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