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i need some advice, i have been dating this girl for about 8 months i been seperated for a year and a half.she has some issues wwith me.we get along great we have alot in common but the fact that i am still married is a big issue.she feels like she is sharing me to,so when we go out she gets very flirty with other men and it bothers me i think it is very disrespectful.i asked her why she does and she said she thinks its because the way she feels.she feels like i dont love her and i am just with her to past time and that is not true i could see my self being with her forever but when these issues come up she breaks up with me if you have any advice that would be great thanks

Our Suggestion:
You know the answer and that is to divorce your wife. You are going to do it someday why not now?

Once you file the papers, your girlfriend will be back with you very quickly and she won't be so flirty. All she wants is the sign from you.

Good luck! George

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