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Visitor's Question:
i have fancy this girl for a few mouths and getting up corage to ask her out and when i finalyhave corage just before i ask i find out she is going out with my brother (i still fancy her but i don't want to hurt my bro )(should i give up and let my brother have her or should i wait round like a waiting vultcher) i have no idea please i know this is hard to give advice on but i can't turn to anyone else because the might think bad of me

thanks Ukpc

Our Suggestion:
Don't be a waiting vulture :)

She is your brother's girlfriend so forget about her. Look for someone new and put your thoughts in that direction.

Even if they break up, your brother might still not want you to date her. This is another reason to forget her.

There are hundreds of girls with no dates or boyfriends. They would love to have you ask them out.

Good luck! George

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