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Visitor's Question:
Whenever I hang around the chicks that actually like me i am always quiet and i never know what to say. It's like i feeze up all the time. I even think of what to say beforehand but that doesn't seem to help. i always feel like they're really bored when they hang around me. Almost EVERY chick that knows me said I'm quiet (not exaggerating). But I'm only quiet around them!!! How can I talk to chicks without freezing up and getting all quiet??

Our Suggestion:
Like most things, it takes practice.

You wouldn't expect to be a good basketball player without a lot of practice. Same thing goes for talking to girls.

It may take some time since you seem to be shy. But one thing you can be happy about is that you have girls to talk with. A lot of guys are either too shy to even be with a girl or they may have personality problems.

The secret of a good conversationalist is to be a good listener. If you are talking one on one, follow the lead of the other person and talk about what they are discussing. Or have something in common that you can fall back to when things get quiet.

But, the bottom line is you are going to have to practice talking. Then you will get better and soon it will seem completely natural.

Good luck! George

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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