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Visitor's Question:
So I took your advice and talked to him. It didn't really go to well. I started with what we normally used to do, just texted "good morning" and thats it. He didn't say anything back, so I said "hey how are you doing" a bit later during the day. he responded but was kinda chippy. i asked how his classes was going, he took a while to respond, but when he did, he said "sorry my phone was on silent i was tutoring" and then he said, "lets not start 20 questions again". I agreed to that and said something somewhat sarcastic just as he had been when he responded to me. So a few hours later, i finally got the nerve to send him another text that was kinda more of a way to get what i felt out. i said:
"Look, I know you probably still don't want to talk to me but it's been over 3 weeks since you said that we shouldn't talk and I guess I just wanted to see how you were doing. And I guess I did that so I'll leave you alone again. See ya. Oh and by the way...I still love/like you. I always have."
I waited for a while then i finally heard from him. His response was "Yeah. Well thanks for checking in and for your kind words."
After reading this, i had no clue what to say back, I asked my friend and she told me to forget him, that he had just blew me off. i agreed that he had. but i cant forget him....thats pretty much impossible.
What should I do?
Why did he blow me off like that?
Please help, I really do love him.
I talked to my councler at the start of this whole thing and i told her that if I was going to lose him completely i would break up with/ not get involved with J....should I do that?
I don't know...I'm so confused. Please help.

Our Suggestion:
Once again, communicate with him.

Ask him straight out if he blew you off with his answer and if that is the case you would accept his decision and wish him luck.

If it turns out that way, it will be sad for you.. but better to know now than later.

Good luck! George

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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