girlfriend cheated after three years

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where to start i need advice let me give u a little back round i was with my girlfriend for three years i thought we had a great relationship i was 100 percent commited to her never cheated, we moved in together got a dog together she got a good job i got my dream job things were great. i used to be the one that liked to go out and have a good time and always included her but she really wasnt crazy about partying so a started staying home more and more and talked to my friends less and less stopped do everything i enjoyed things like working on my car for her but i didnt care i was happy with her and we were happy i thought then she got promoted at her job and she started talking about how everybody has sex with everybody there and all this stuff so wut ever rite WRONG she went out with a male co worker one night i had no problem with it the next morning i went to read her text msgs but all the txt msgs from him were deleted so i confronted her and she said she knew id be jealous and that they didnt say anything i gave her the benefit of the doubt then she started going out more and more she started staying out till 430 in the morning then she started sleeping out supposeably at her friends house this went on for 3 months i finally had enough and broke up with her she moved out three days later she called me and begged for me back but said she had to tell me somthing thats when she informed me she cheated on me she said it was a one time thing but how can i bekieve that when she was out everynite she. she informed me that it happen three months ago and said she was just to ashamedto be around me i dont know what to do she i take her back?

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You seem to be a trusting and understanding person. Plus you have been together for three years.

So I would advise you to give her another chance. But you need to get your act together on too much partying.

Good luck! George

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