I luv him but am afraid wht his reply wud be...

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hey there!
I'm really in love with my cuzn...i cudn't stop thinking abt him all the tym,m alwayz dying 2 spend every moment with him,i've got no words for describing it,luv haz it's own definitions but i dont think m able 2 define it soo clearly 2 him..
well the guy is a yr n a half older thn me n we'r really close...both of us r shy n reserved yet,we talk 2 each other really well..i get into a lot of troubles...once i waz being followed by some mysterious guys n whn he came 2 know of tht,he sprung up n asked me who tht guy is,wht does he do,why is he bothering me n stuff nd sorted tht out..recently i got caught at my collg n so i called him up n he came along with a herd of his friends and got me out of it...my frndz saw him tht day n they think he too is interested in me...i went 2 stay ovr at his place(which happens 2 be my aunts place ryt)n waz chatting with him n we talked a lot of things,we talked abt tht dayz incident,how the rest of our day waz,abt my frndz being in a relationship etc...i waz on the phn with my bff n she waz teasing me,he waz in the other room but he waz focused on our conversation...later tht nyt i went n tlked 2 him pretending of a "frnd" of mine stuk in the same situation with her cuzn...he didn't say much,he waz mostly quiet n thts wht bothers me coz by thn he must hav been having an idea who tht frnd waz n who the frnd'z cuzn waz but he waz soo quiet...
i soo wanna let him know my feelings but am afraid 2 spoil our sibling relationship...so wht one of my frnd suggested was tht i chat with him for some tym n whn m a bit confident,ask him who am i for him? still afraid wht if his reply is a 'sis'...although i dont think tht cud be it but still he seemz soo confused...cud u guyz help me out proposing the one i love??cud u guyz help me make him realise i cud be more thn a sister n a frnd 2 him??
i really am going nuts thinking of it day n night...i sleep-talk too n it's gonna cause trouble as im muttering his name too...HELP ME FIND A PERFECT WAY TO MAKE HIM REALISE HE FEELS THE SAME TOO N HELP HIM OUT OF HIS CONFUSION...PLZZ!
thanx a bunch!! :)

Our Suggestion:
You are very lucky to be in love!

Now the problem is how to let him know without scaring him off.

Since he is so shy, beating around the bush isn't going to get the job done.

Instead, try telling him how you feel without coming right out and saying it. One way to do this is to say to him "You know, I think I am starting to develop feelings for you. What do you think about that?"

This will give him a chance to get used to the idea that you are "starting" to love him and he can give you an answer. If he doesn't answer clearly, ask him whether you should fight the feelings or not. Then he will have to give you an answer. You will probably like his answer.

Good luck! George

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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