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I met this guy during one summer at work. He was a Mexican immigrant worker. At first I thought he was married, so I never really looked at him like that. Then one night he we were all outside and everyone else left except him and me. He took my hands and tried to kiss me, but I told him no because he was married. He told me he wasn't married, but I still wasn't sure. Over the summer I got to know him really well, and we got along very well even though he doesn't speak English. I learned Spanish so that we could talk. We started to like each other a lot, and we would always sit as close to each other as possible and work together. Then one night, after I believed he wasn't married, he kissed me. After we kissed he was so happy he just lifted me up in the air. I was really afraid of people finding out, because he is 10 years older than me, but we met at night a lot to talk and kiss. He always told me how much he loved me. I fell in love with him. He kept asking me to be his girlfriend, and finally on our second last night together I said yes.Then I had to go back home which was far away. So I got a cell phone and we talked for an hour once a week and texted a lot. Then he had to go back to mexico and he had a stop-over close to my house, so I skipped school to go and see him. He told me I should come back to mexico with him, and that he wanted to marry me. When he was in mexico we still talked, but then once this mexican woman called me and i couldn't understand her. I asked him about it and he told me he wanted me to know i was the only one for him, and never to doubt his love. But then he sent me a message which i couldn't understand but i think it said "i love my wife. don't message me." but im not sure and i hope so much that im wrong. i tried to call his number but it doesn't work from here. he tried to call me after this 5 times in one night and once 3 days later, but both times my phone was being charged. since then i haven't heard from him. my texts to him dont work anymore either. what should i do? i want to believe what he first told me, but i dont want to ruin his relationship with his wife, if he has one. sorry this is so long.

Our Suggestion:
It is nice that you had a good summer. Too bad it isn't turning out very well.

Unfortunately, the odds seem high that he has a wife in Mexico-- or perhaps a girlfriend.

My advice is to forget him as a summer love. But if you want to pursue this, the only way is by phone. Call the phone company and explain that you are having trouble dialing his number. They will tell you what numbers to put before his number so the call will go through.

Good luck! George

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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