how do i finally propose him?n whn the suitable time??

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oh W.O.W!!
i've been writing to u guyz abt my cuzn...well i think he likes me too coz he favors me a lot,listens to jus whtevr i say,comes to my rescue any sec,is alwayz smiling around me,started flirting with me too!! :D
i'm doing pretty good in friendly terms with him,i anonymously got him a recharge n so he chats with me almost everyday,i went on a slight walk with him to the nearby grocery store n we were talking soo well...soo cud i now or bttr lyk aftr a couple of weeks go n tell him tht m 'starting' 2 develop feelings towards him or directly tell him tht m in LUV with him??also i wanted 2 know whether u ppl think tht he luvs me too or m jus assuming things..
n cud u guyz also tell me some sweet wayz 2 propose him?? i still feel a lil scared tht he might not accept it so i need something tht cud gimme a surety!
and shud i myself approach him or wait for him 2 approach me?i really m going nuts day by day due 2 the anxiety :D
thanx for helping me!

Our Suggestion:
It's so good you are in love! That is great.

Take one step at a time and don't worry about things like proposing right now.
You won't know how he feels about you until you slowly introduce the subject.

What you said about telling him that you are 'starting' to develop feelings for him is a good idea. It gives him a chance to get used to the idea and to tell you how he feels. Let things develop from there. If you are busy thinking about telling him you love him and proposing he may get scared by how you are behaving and you may blurt things out without thinking.

Good luck and hope he likes you too! George

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