I am confused..and I am cheating!!!

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I am into a relation with a guy since 3 years..met him in college.but I always had unexpressed love in my heart for my childhood schooltime sweetheart.I knew he also loved me..but we both were too young to feel responsible enough to express our love..so we could not make it happen...he went on with his life n had an affair with a girl in college..but ended with a breakup!!
now nearly after 5 years..he has expressed his love for me..n evn i luv him..!but my present boyfriend loves me so much that i am unable to tell him the truth..i cannot hurt my present boyfriend for he is such a caring guy and he wont be able to handle it..his life will be ruined!but it feels like i am cheating on him by not telling him whats in my heart.
i am unable to decide whether i love my childhood sweetheart more or whether i have care for my present boyfriend more..whom should i be with??

Our Suggestion:
Sorry you are in this dilemma and during the Holidays too!

As you decide which one you love more, think about which one you want to marry and maybe have children with. Which would be the better husband and father.

Once you make that choice, then you will have to go through the pain of telling the other. Since you are having doubts about your current boyfriend, maybe he is not the one for you.

A good test would be to tell your boyfriend what is going on and see how he reacts. If he is understanding and loving that will be a good sign.

My advice is to have this discussion with him but make it after the Holidays. There is too much stress for you to be making important decisions right now. And, who knows, after the Holidays you may have thought about it enough to know better how to handle this situation.

Good luck! George

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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