I cheated 2 guys!

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I was in love with a guy who was sleeping with other girls and not respecting my love for him, for 2 years. I broke up with him and came across a guy who loved me like crazy but he had a girlfriend who was not loyal to him and with whom he had incompatibilty issues. He told me that he loves me but he needs time to take a decision whom to marry as his girlfriend did not have father and he was like family to her. But in the meanwhile he kissed me 2 times within one month of our relationship. At the same time my ex came back to my life regretting, repenting and changed. He was in bad condition all through that month. I lied to both of them and talked to both for about 10 days. Rather my ex tried to touch me and I could not resist. Now both of them know the truth. My ex loves me and is ready to accept me though little disturbed that someone else touched me. My ex is a practical guy and he wishes to marry me still as he understands it was my mistake but I am not that type of girl at all. The new guy in my life is totally shattered that he trusted me. He doesnt even want to talk to me. I am very sorry for the sins I did. What should I do now to make things better and come out of the guilt of cheating 2 people? Whom shall I marry?

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One guy was cheating on you, can you really trust him again? The other guy is devastated because he feels that you cheated on him and doesn't trust you now. So here's the question: do you want to be married to a man you can't trust or to a man who doesn't trust you? Life with either one will be difficult. So in answer to your question, who to marry, I say neither one. However if you set on marrying one of them, then let your heart tell you which one.

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