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My girlfriend and I have only been dating for a couple weeks now. However, before that we were very close friends for nearly a year. Our romantic relationship began about a month ago and for a few weeks kissing/making out was the extent of our intimacy. But in the two weeks that we've been boyfriend and girlfriend, things have progressed quickly to "third-base" scenarios. I feel that this is going too quickly for me and have said so, but when I'm with her, while it does progress with mutual want, I'm usually the one who initiates our intimacy. This makes me feel prety hypocritical but I honestly don't want to lose the "innocence" of a new relationship too quickly. Is there a way I can say to stop without sounding like I'm setting up a double standard for our relationship?

Our Suggestion:
It's big of you to not want to lose the innocence of your relationship. I think you need to stay away from places where this could get out of control. Make sure that there's always someone else around when the two of you are together. You need to have a long talk with her and let her know that you want to have a relationship with her but need to take things slower. She's probably thinking the same thing. Good luck.

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