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Im nineteen and have a loving relationship that has been going on for just over a year! We both love each other very much, we have our own place and have spoke about having children! We both trust each other but he shouldnt trust me!

My partner works non-stop so at times it feels like we just happen to sleep in the same bed.. we moved to a new location so i feel alone most of the time!

He was working on every major event b-days, xmas, new year for example. New year i ended getting draged out by a new work coligue because i was going to spend it alone. We got drunk and he had sex with me... i begged him not to and even cryed through he first part.

Since then i have cheat on him with another this time i was up for it... Thinkin well hes never here and i messed up once before! I am defently not pregnant!

I truely love him and i no it will never happen again! after weeks of lonely guilty thoughts and tears!

If he knew im scared he will leave me! he decerves better i supose! Weve always been amazing together on the rare occasions tht we are together! Im hurting tht hes not there more but i can deal with tht!

Should i risk everything and tell him or just make it up to him in my own way without him knowing.


Our Suggestion:
Do you think you can be a better partner, not cheat and not go out and get drunk?

If you think you can be faithful, then stay with your man and be a good partner. If he's out there working hard then the least you can do is be there both physically and emotionally for him. If you get bored and lonely, call a friend or your family. Take up a hobby, anything besides trying to fill your loneliness in the bed of someone who cares nothing for you.

If you know that you are not ready to be faithful, then you need to think about moving on until you find someone you ARE ready to be faithful to. But you can't have it both ways - it will end up hurting you both.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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