is he lying to me.. n shud i trust him

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hi.. i m in love with a guy frm past 3 years.. i met him online through networking site.. and he is 8 yrs elder to me.. we both love each other a lot n are planning to get married.. i told my parents n they dont like him.. actually they matched our horoscopes but they r nt matching.. our astrologer says its nt a good match fr me.. still i m wid him n hoping to convince my parents.. nw since ours is a long distance relationship.. i hardly knw anything abt his background.. he says he does nt smoke but his lips are very dark n he also keep mints with him all the time.. i think he smokes.. i asked him to tell me frankly abt it.. but he always say tht he doesnt smoke.. so i think he is lying to me.. also he is very friendly with girls.. a bit flirt.. shud i trust him...wht shud i do.. hw can i make him admit tht he is lying to me abt smoking..n shud i go against my parents n marry him just because i think he is a gud guy.. also he never allows me to talk to his frens.. my astrologer says tht he is nt a gud guy.. he pretends to be gud.. n in future he will have many affairs.. my mom beleives this astrologer a lot.. but i need some proof which tells me tht he is nt a good guy.. hw can i get tht..pls help me asap...

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I think you should trust your heart before trusting an astrologer. The smoking thing seems to be a big deal to you, and I think that's because it reflects your major concern: is he trustworthy? It's also a big concern that he doesn't want you to talk to his friends. Do you think he's hiding something from you? My guess is yes he is. Do NOT marry him until you're sure he's come clean about his past. Good Luck.

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