I am cheating with a guy at work!!!

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I have been with my boyfriend for 6yrs. We have a beautiful 2yr old daughter together. Since we had the baby we have had ALOT of problems. He just recently started a job but before that didnt work for 3yrs. I was the only source of income and my income wasnt that much for us to live happy but we made it. Back in January we kind of took a break I told him I was not in love with him anymore and it wasnt working. I think he got really depressed when he was out of work and would verbally abuse me all the time. I got tired of feeling like a piece of sh*t and told him we could continue to live together and try to work on things. On that break I started having sex with a guy I work with. He is in just about the same situation with his girlfriend and it was just very easy for us to relate. One thing led to another.
My boyfriend and I have worked very hard on getting our relationship back to the way it was and it's working!! But I havent stopped sleeping with this guy. Before I didnt feel bad about it because we were on a break, but now that we have fixed alot of our problems and he is making an effort I feel guilty. I CANNOT tell him that would destroy him and us! What should I do? This other guy has become a sexual addiction almost :)

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The smiley face you added at the end of the sentence saying that the sex with the other guy has become an addiction is revealing. I think you like the attention the other guy gives you and you like the pain your inflicting on your live-in guy even if he doesn't know it. You have a great deal of resentment toward your boyfriend and that's understandable. You had to support him for three years and still be a good 'wife' and mother. This other guy just helped you forget the crummy situation you were in. You have a child together; she comes first. If you do have an addiction to this guy at work you need to change jobs, get him out of your life, or perhaps find a counselor to work things out with. Try to find what you once had with the father of your child, as you say you have been doing - which is wonderful. Your beautiful little girl deserves that, don't you think?

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