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Me and my girlfriend are freshmen who've known each other for almost 8 years. We became really close friends over the last 2 years, and I finally got the courage to kiss her just over a month ago. I then asked her out, and she immediately smiled and said "Yes, of course I will". So we've already been kissing, and even when we were just friends we still hugged each other hello and goodbye.
Now it's starting to move to the next level, and we've been doing a lot of french kissing etc. When we're home alone we go in my room and make out for sometimes as long as 2 hours, and the other day I undid her bra. Then, I immediately asked her "Are you okay with this", and she hesitated for a second then said yes. I've had lots of talks about this with her, and we decided that we'll wait before doing it again. But I still wonder if that changes how she sees me? I really really really like her, and I know for a fact that she really really really likes me.
But I don't want to pressure her into something she doesn't want, or will feel bad about after. She never gets angry with anyone, and she has a really hard time saying "No". She tells me just to trust her, and that if she says it's okay then it is.

How do I know where to draw the line?

Our Suggestion:
You draw the line at exactly where you are now. I'm amazed that in this day and time there are still guys who will even consider drawing a line. You sound like a really nice, caring guy so I'm sure she cares for you. You say she has a hard time saying no, so don't put her in a position of having to say no. Let her lead the way, let her take the relationship to the next level if that's meant to be. Be patient.

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