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I like my brother's friend, he is really nice and dispite the 3 year age difference (I'm older) I really want to be with him. I don't know how to tell him how I feel, it has to be in private, not a public place, beause what I say is for his ears and no one elses. What should I say to him to ask him to come with me to a private place, and what should I say when I get them there? I really want to make it quick.

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Tying to get him away from your brother's ears could cause a problem for you. It seems to be the duty of a brother to torment his sister, so it's best to catch the friend alone. Then just tell him how you feel. One of two things will happen. He'll either go running to your brother telling him what his sister just said to him, or, he'll just stand there with his mouth open. You sound fairly young which means he's very young. Don't expect him to react in an adult way...he's just a kid.

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