I am married and talking to a guy and i am staying to like him alot

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I been married for 7 years now this year will make 8 years.when we got married he was everything and still is..but for 6 years now he will not talk to me much I feel him pulling away from me we don't talk me or watch a movie like me did when we frist got married,,,he doesn't want to have sex any more,he asks like im not there when i do try to talk to him and when i ask him do u want to spen time with me he would say no I am playing a game i will later and he nevery does..and now I am talking to his one guy.and i am staying to like him now we have nevery meet but me talk onling and on the phone and he i am married to he knows i am talking to him and he doesn't get mad..what should i do I have tryed everything to work on my marries but nothing helps....i dont' know if i should stay with him or go but the guy i am talking to and need help

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Do you have children with this man? If you do then then that makes thing complicated and I'd suggest you two try couples therapy. If there are no children, then it looks like it's time to move on.

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