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Visitor's Question:
My best mate got a new boyfriend who she seems serious about. I was excited for her.

However I have found that since things became more serious, her boyfriend appears to want me out of the picture. He and his best friend have been rude to me for no reason. My friend is aware of this and supportive, but he is clever.

I meet him very soon and feel that he will have more plans to try to cause trouble and split us up.

Do you have any ideas on how to best deal with this? I feel we will be in each other's company a lot and that things will only get worse with him.

Our Suggestion:
It is sadly not uncommon for some men to want to completely isolate their women and keep them all to themselves. They want to cut them off from family, friends, and everyone else so they can control and dominate them. I would be very worried if the boyfriend seems to be heading in that direction.

A healthy relationship is one where each partner respects the interests and friends of the other. A person should always be able to have friends. A boyfriend should never force his girlfriend to cut off ties with the outside world and be "only his".

As much as she loves him, she needs to stand up for herself and make it clear that she is her own woman. She deserves to have family and friends who love her. If he really cannot handle that concept, then she should take a long, hard look at what she is getting into.

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