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Visitor's Question:
We bought a house and shortly after I had surgery to reverse a tubal ligation so we could try to have more children. Also we are in the process of renovating our kitchen.

I know we are both stressed out and I am hoping that is the cause of us fighting all the time now. We don't seem to understand at all what the other person is going through. I am stressed and feeling depressed not only about trying to conceive for 3 months and it not happening but also feeling very alone as all he seems to be able to think about is working at getting the renovation complete.

Our biggest fight is me feeling like I am alone in dealing with our fertility issues. All he ever says to me when I try to talk calmly about it is that I just need to relax.

Please help ... I need some advice

Our Suggestion:
I know many women who could NOT conceive at all when they were stressed. The moment the stress was gone, POOF they were pregnant. So absolutely stressing about it is not going to do any good - and three months is a very short period of time. It's not even time to begin stressing.

Absolutely right now just focus on the house and renovation. Relax. Enjoy your new house. Enjoy the improvements you're doing to it. Have fun! The more you relax and enjoy life, the more your body will naturally be open to conceiving.

There's no reason to fight after just 3 months. Right now you should be working together to make your home a happy one. As you do that, the pregnancy will come on its own terms.

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