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Visitor's Question:
When is the BEST time to have sex with my Girlfriend if i DO NOT want to get her pregnant ( when on her period? when? )

i am 22 and YES i can afford to have a baby and would love to with this girl but, once we are married =] thanks.

Our Suggestion:
Yes there are ranges of days when a girl is more fertile or less fertile. However, there is no day which is "safe". Whatever day you would choose, at least a portion of babies in the world today were conceived on that day. That is, there is no day that is 100% safe, because the female body is not a machine. Eggs do all sorts of strange and wondrous things, and their intention is to get fertilized.

If you do not want her to be pregnant, then absolutely use protection. That is the way to ensure that the sperm does not connect with the egg. This is too important an issue to take a chance on.

--Your Friendly Advisors at RomanceClass.com

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