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Visitor's Question:
Ok so i've been talking to this girl just about every day and night for about two weeks. i've been over to her house and hung out and just enjoyed each others company. we did a lot of fun things and we even made out a lot.

so we go on doing what we have been normally doing and i get off the phone with her late last night. i wake up this morning and text her good morning and don't hear back from her. i wait for about 30 minutes and text her again to see if she's up. she has to be at work in an hour at that point. still no reply, so i wait another 20 minutes and text her again saying i hope you're up 'cause i would hate for you to be late sweety. still no reply.

so finally i call her like 15 to 20 minutes before she is supposed to be at work and it rings for a split second and then goes to her voicemail.

At this point the possibility of her avoiding me starts to play in my mind. we have been talking a lot and doing things that would lead me to believe that she wants me just as much as i want her but then this happens.

Is she avoiding me or am i paranoid?

Our Suggestion:
The only thing you know right now is that for one hour-long period you aren't reaching her. Maybe she is in fact sound asleep - or maybe she's having a massive fight with her parents and is completely oblivious to the phone.

I wouldn't go leaping to any conclusions merely based on what happens in an hour of time. Take a deep breath :) Be patient. Let her contact you later on to find out what was going on. You want to stay on the "caring friend" side of things - and not roll over into the "insane stalker" category.

Good luck!

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